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No One Is An Island


No One Is An Island

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No One Is An Island


No One Is An Island

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In 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the world we knew. Lockdowns and restrictions separated us during the pandemic. isolating us, each in our own space. Together with co-creators around the world, the production team recorded hundreds of stories from different stages of pandemic isolation. Most of the co-creators are not trained film professionals, just people of all ages who had an urge to document what was going on around. The videos are intimate windows into human life during and after isolation.

'Connections - No One Is an Island' invites you on an interactive journey following the emotional pathways that connect us across country borders. It is a novel multi-player film experience, where you interact collectively with the videos as you move through the emotional stages of the pandemic. Together we are guided to remember our experiences and envision our post-pandemic future.

In each screening you see 12 short stories out of 200. You see different stories every time you play the film. You are asked to react to the video clips by typing words. These words your group types shape your storypath, and they are also stored as tags that will affect the story for future participants. In other words you are co-creating the film experience every time you play and it is continuously evolving.

The film should be experienced in a Chrome browser, preferably in a quiet room with headphones to set the right atmosphere. The current version is a demo, so please inform us if you experience any technical difficulties.


Director and editor:
Suvi Andrea Helminen

Ulrik Gutkin, Copenhagen Film Company Short & Doc.

Co-producer and creative technologist:
Kasper Bøttcher, Set Snail

Olli Tähtinen, Radical Rabbit

Co-producers and UI development:
Tim Miller & Cathy Feraday Miller, Rocket 5 Studios

Production assistants:
Marianne Abildgaard, Sabrina Thomsen

Julie Sohi

Visual artists:
Thomas Romlöv (KubKub), Tomi Paijo, Cathy Feraday Miller

Visual development:
Simon Högblom

UX design:
Suvi Andrea Helminen, Kasper Bøttcher

Kasper Bøttcher, Tim Miller

Anna Lidell

Sound for rituals:
Kasper Janus Rasmussen

Alexandra Mariner

Velvet Johnston

Suvi Andrea Helminen

Monica Cohen, Ana Arcioni, Ida Åsjung, Zoe Bayraktar

Adam Dobay, Alcira Bernardo, Amalie Malmgren Asmild, Ana Arcioni, Ashoka Pahari, Bianka Boskovics, Casper Høyberg, Daniel Karslake, Elon Brae Justice, Fernando Ramos, Giorgina Romero, Ida Åsjung, Zoe Bayraktar, Julie Canclini, Julie Sohi, Karina Christensen, Kenneth Sorento, Laura D'Asta, Laurits Helligsøe, Lillian Nikias, Maria Munoz, Merve Bozcu, Merve Erdem, Monica Cohen, Natali Lykke Zeimer, Noam Pinchas, Pamela Almeida, Pingnan Chen, Ruta Kronberga, Sabrina Thomsen, Shavkat Khoshumov, Simon Bakker, Viktoria Nedwed, Wassajja Denis

Video by:
Alan, Alcira, Ana, Angela, Berry, Brigitte, Büsra, Camilo, Cindy, Coleen, Elena, Ellen, Elza, Eric, Ezgi, Fabian, Fernando, Franco, Frank, Giovanna, Giuliano, Gugu, Gülşen, Hanna, Idayat, Irina, Izza, Jackeline, Jane, Josefina, Joumana, Judith, Juliane, Julie, Kalyan, Karen, Karina, Katja, Kean, Kimiya, Laura, Magui, Maren, Mario, Mary-Sanyu, Matt, Melissa, Merve, Michal, Milena, Njoroge, Nora, Nuka, Olga, Peter, Pilar, Rikke, Rob, Rosan, Robin, Ruth, Sara, Sebastian, Shavkat, Shyam, Sofi, Sofie, Soha, Søren, Terry, Zoe

SoMe: Bianka Boskovics

Special thanks to:
Diane Robertson, Peter Lyster, Viktor Lysell Smålänning, Charlene Putney, John Ginsborg, Leslie Filbert, Ada Camara Ortega, Amalie Smedegaard Langkær, Mark Atkin, Kat Cizek, Sara Wolozin, Cecilia Lidin and everyone from CPH:LAB

Connections - No One Is an Island has been developed at CPH:LAB supported by Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA of the European Union and The Danish Film Institute

The production has been supported by:

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